Connecting with your kids just got easier.
We’ve made sure you’re protected
Language Filter
PLAYMessenger uses advanced language filters to ensure your child doesn’t say or receive anything inappropriate.
Adult Verification
PLAYMessenger has partnered with PRIVO to verify all adults. If users are not verified they cannot send any personally identifiable information. This step makes sure that our users are who they say they are.
Everything you expect from a messaging app
PLAYMessenger has the ability to send text, audio, and photo messages. They can also send fun custom emojis.

*User must be verified to send audio and picture messages.

Easily see what your kids are doing.
PLAYMessenger features MyKIDs which allows parents to easily manage their child’s account, view messages and buddies all in one area.
Add friends by taking a picture!
Each user on PLAYMessenger has a unique QR code, so another user can simply take a picture of the code and a friend request is sent.
Connecting with your kids just got easier.